Reset Password With Phone Number?

  1. Visit the Login Page: Go to the login page of your placement site.
  2. Click on “Forgot Password”: Users who have forgotten their password can click on the “Forgot Password” link typically found on the login page.
  3. Select “Reset with Phone Number”: Provide users with an option to choose to reset their password using their phone number. This could be a radio button or a dropdown menu.
  4. Verify User Identity: To ensure security, implement a verification process. Send a verification code to the user’s registered phone number via SMS.
  5. Enter Verification Code: Users should enter the verification code received on their phone into the provided space on the website.
  6. Reset Password: Once the code is verified, users should be directed to a page where they can reset their password. Provide a secure input field for the new password.
  7. Confirm Password Reset: After setting the new password, ask users to confirm the changes. This helps to avoid any unintentional errors.
  8. Notification: Send a confirmation message to the user, either through email or on the website, informing them that their password has been successfully reset.


  • Ensure that the phone number used for password recovery is the one associated with the user’s account.
  • Implement security measures to protect against unauthorized password resets, such as limiting the number of attempts and using CAPTCHA.
  • Educate users about the importance of keeping their registered phone number updated for account recovery.

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